Electric Fence

How much does it cost to install an electric fence in kenya?
Installing an electric fence costs around KSH800 per meter, depending on the clients specfications. However, Haven has developed a package for Electric fence installation which comprises the Energizer for Powering the electric fence, HT Wire and Other Accessories for a plot of 50 by 100 at only. Ksh80,000


In Kenya, Electric Fence is the first line of defence against any intrusion to you home. At Havens, we have specialized team whose main job is to ensure that you home remain secure all day every day.Below are some of materials used to install electric fence ant their cost.

HAMMER 680 8 Joule Energizer with Battery

KSH40,000 KSH 35,000

  • Monitors the fence return voltage (single zone)
  • Alarms on low Voltage threshold
  • Auxiliary alarm input (gate monitor)
  • Siren and strobe output
  • Remote control option
  • Powers up to 4Km of fence wire (1mm)
  • 8 Joule and 10KV maximum output
  • Battery backup

Merlin Stealth M18S

KSH40,000 KSH 38,000

The Merlin Stealth single zone energizers are a powerful range that can be used for residential to high-end security needs. These energizers can be controlled by a tag and/or a keypad. The energizers can be programmed to offer customised solutions.

  • • 7.6 Joule output energy (single zone)
  • Robust and flexible design for home, commercial and industrial security
  • Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires
  • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module
  • Lightning and power surge protection • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life
  • Easy-to-use tag included for controlling the energizer
  • Optional keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. This allows the user to control the energizer remotely, with up to four keypads
  • Powered by 240V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power
  • Two built-in gate alarm inputs to monitor if the gates are open or closed


  • Enclosure size: L370 x W232 x D145
  • Weight excluding battery (7AH): 4.8kg
  • Weight including battery (7AH): 7.0kg
  • IP rating: IPx4
  • Operating temperatures: -10°C to 50°C
  • Operating humidity: < 80% non-condensing
  • Electrical supply voltage: 240V
  • Typical power consumption (normal
  • operating conditions): 27VA
  • Standby time (fully charged battery): 6hrs
  • Energy output 500 Ohms load 7.6 Joule
  • Open circuit voltage 9 300V

Merlin 4i with keypad

KSH38,000 KSH35,500

The Merlin 4i includes a keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. The energizer can be installed near the fence and the keypad can be located where it is most convenient for the user. This allows the user to control the energizer remotely, with up to four keypads (EE-MKP).


  • 3.7 Joule output energy (single zone)
  • Robust and flexible design for home and commercial security
  • Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires
  • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life
  • Powered by 230V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power
  • Built-in gate alarm input to monitor if the gate is open or closed
  • Gate chime available to alert that the gate has been opened or closed
  • The fence voltage outputs can be adjusted using the keypad
  • The siren and gate outputs can be bypassed using the keypad

HAMMER 630 4 Joule Energizer with Battery
KSH16,000 KSH14,500

  • Monitors the fence return voltage (single zone)
  • Alarms on low Voltage threshold
  • Auxiliary alarm input (gate monitor)
  • Siren and strobe output
  • Remote control option
  • Powers up to 2Km of fence wire (1mm)
  • 4 Joule and 10KV maximum output
  • Battery backup

Hammer manufactures the most complete range of electric fence energizers that has specifically been designed for the ever demanding security industry.

Other types of Fence energizers
STAFIX X6 Energizer
KSH 89,000

  • [Available Controlling Range] Having been designed for use with electric animal fences, the fence energizer is capable to control an area of 8 acres, and is compatible with most soil types
  • [Two Terminals] This fence energizer is standard equipped with two terminals, of which one is fence ground terminal for connecting to a separate ground system, the other one is fence output terminal for connecting to the fence
  • [Security Protection] With its cable having been listed by UL after a series of strict tests, this unit is more secure and reliable to use and is capable of fire prevention
  • [Warning Sings Needed] A warning sign shall be fitted to every point where persons may gain ready access to the conductors
  • [For Controlling Animals] This unit is capable to both defend the domestic animals inside the fence and prevent wild animals such as bears, raccoons, skunks intruding on the domestic ones

Electric fence accessories

Razor wire 8m 455mm

KSH 1,600

The razor is galvanized and does not lust. Barbed tape or razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans. The term "razor wire", through long usage, has generally been used to describe barbed tape products. Razor wire is much sharper than the standard barbed wire; it is named after its appearance but is not razor sharp. The points are very sharp and made to rip and snag clothing and flesh..

Razor wire just like electric fence can be installed on an existing perimeter fence(palisade), on top of the wall or as a stand alone.

High Tensile GALVANIZED HT WIRE 1.6mm 1200m

KSH 7000 KSH6500

High Tensile GALVANIZED HT WIRE 1.6mm 1200m is flexible and easy to use. It is coated with Zinc to make it rust resistant. Ideal as a “weaving” wire, it is shiny, versatile, and available in a variety of gauges. It can be used for fencing purposes, strengthening an already existing fence or for electric fencing purposes as it is made from high carbon steel.steel wire is the material most often used for electric fences, ranging from a fine thin wire used as a single line to thicker, high-tensile (HT) wire. In practice, once most animals have learned of the unpleasant consequences of touching the fence they tend to avoid it for considerable periods even when it is inactive.

  • End strainers

  • KSH 10 KSH9

    An electrical insulator is a material in which the electron does not flow freely or the atom of the insulator have tightly bound electrons whose internal.An insulator is a type of cis-regulatory element known as a long-range regulatory element. Found in multicellular eukaryotes and working over distances.A strain insulator is an electrical insulator that is designed to work in mechanical tension (strain), to withstand the pull of a
    suspended electrical.There are a variety of end insulators depending on the material used to make them.
    Wire Tensioning Systems

    Haven's extensive range of wire tensioning systems are manufactured in plastic or metal to suit all electric security fencing applications such as wall top, piggy-back and free standing. A combination of tensioners , hooks and strain insulators ensure that the fence wire stays isolated and taught

    Warning signs

    KSH 270

    are electric fences constructed using specialized equipment and built for perimeter security as opposed to animal management. Security electric fences consist of wires that carry pulses of electric current to provide a non-lethal shock to deter potential intruders. Tampering with the fence also results in an alarm that is logged by the security electric fence energizer, and can also trigger a siren, strobe, or notifications to a control room or directly to the owner via email or phone.

    Patriot Electric Fence

    • Set includes 1 Patriot Electric Fence Charger plus 1 250ft spool of Patriot Made in the USA 17 Gauge aluminum wire and Quick Tip Guide. Does NOT include a ground rod. Only effective for small nuisance animals.
    • PE2 Output Voltage: Up to 5 kV max, 2.8 kV @ 500 ohms;Patriot Wire tensile strength 38,000 PSI; Fi-Shock Breaking load: 90 lbs; Fi-Shock aluminum wire Will not rust; Will Keep Dogs from Digging Out of Their Pen; Keep Rabbits and Deer Out of Your Garden; For Use as an Electric Dog Fence
    • If you test the wire to see if it will shock you, don't be standing in boots that insulate you from the ground. It will not work then! The ground system should be at least 33' (10 m) away from electric or telephone ground systems to avoid interference.
    • Moist soil conducts electricity much better than dry soil. If possible, locate the ground system in a boggy area. In dry weather, wet the area around the ground system to keep the soil moist.
    • Make sure there are a sufficient number of ground rods. See your charger’s user manual for recommendations. If in doubt, use at least three ground rods. Use more ground rods if your soil conditions are not ideal. Ground rods should be at least 6'6" (2 m) long. One long ground rod works better than several short ground rods

    Fence Integrity Monitor

    The Gallagher 3 Zone Fence Integrity Monitor (FIM) enhances networked or standalone perimeter security systems through consistent circuit monitoring.

    When used in conjunction with Gallagher Fence Controllers, it provides a second, separate fence monitoring source. The 3 Zone FIM detects damage to the pulse wire independently of the perimeter security system pulse.

    Features and benefits

    • Maintains fence monitoring during times of low risk.
    • Ensures the fence is fully functional when enabling the deterrent pulse.
    • Retro-fittable to existing perimeter security system.
    • Custom defined parameters for raising alarms.
    • Provides ‘cut wire’ detection and ‘short circuit’ detection without changing fence configuration.
    • Can be installed as a stand-alone fence monitor.
    • Can be used in conjunction with networked Gallagher Fence Controllers.
    • Provides a local, on-site warning signal which can be connected to remote telemetry.

    Warning signs

    Barbed wire


    When it comes to security, there is no room for compromise, only quality. The new and improved SUPER HIGH TENSILE SHAMBA Fencing Wire is the only barbed wire of its kind.We have two kinds of barbed wire; the super high tensile SHAMBA Fencing Wire and the HIPPO Barbed Wire The difference between the two is the thickness of wire used and the structure of the wire. SHAMBA fencing wire is made of a single strand of high tensile wire, 500mtrs per roll (25kgs), 12.5G (2.5mm wire diameter), 4" barb spacing, 6 times stronger than ordinary barbed wire, Single-strand, high tensile crimped wire

    Razor wire green


    Razor wire, 150 meters with coil diameter 450 mm or 500 mm. Stainless steel razor wire coils, 18" coil × 33 loop. Galvanized razor coil, coil diameter 18 inch, total length 500 m. Razor wires, 45 cm with clips 56 loops, 45 cm without clips 33 loops. Razor wire fence 510 mm circumference with 90 clips and 180 loops. Stainless steel razor wire, 18" coil diameter, 33 loops, 45' - 50' length. Razor wire fence 510 mm circumference with 90 clips and 180 loops. Stainless steel razor wire, 18" coil diameter, 33 loops, 45' - 50' length. Stainless steel razor barbed wire, 950 mm coil diameter, SS316L, 10 m length. Razor wire, diameter 730 mm, 15 - 20 m length. 2240 m length galvanized medium barb razor wire 900 mm coil diameter. 980 coil diameter galvanized razor wire, 10 m length. PVC coated razor wire fencing, coil diameter 20", length 30', color: green.

    Razor wire fence

    Razor barbed wire fencing and razor wire concertina makes the majority of our products. Razor barbed wire fencing is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful outlook and practical property. Material for Razor Barbed Wire Fencing: Galvanized blade, stainless steel blade. Features: Compact and rational structure, high safety factor, for the protection of prison and key project. Technical note: Razor barbed wire fencing can be made according to the actual dimension of customer; the special specification is manufactured according to the drawing.

    Chain Link Security Fence with Razor Barbed Wire for High Level Security

    Chain link security fence is also called security grade chain link fencing system. Combined with barbed wire and razor wire, it is designed to increase the difficulty to penetrate and in turn increase delay time, then provide greater levels of security to protect personal safety and property.Specification of chain link security fence
    • Material: stainless steel wire, mild steel.
    • Surface treatment
    • Zinc-coated steel; Aluminum coated steel; Zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated steel; PVC and other organic polymer-coated steel. The colors of PVC wire are forest green, black, red, dark brown, gray, beige.
    • Core wire gauge: 6 gauge – 11 gauge.
    • Mesh opening size: 3/8 in. – 2 in.
    • Chain link fabric width: 2.5 m – 3.6 m; length: 5 m – 20 m.
    • Edge processing mode: normal type, flat type, wrapping type.

    Solar Powered Electric Fence Wire Energiser Battery Energizer

    Ever worried about livestock and animals escaping your property? Ever wanted to keep those pesky animals from neighbours or the wild away? This Solar Electric Fence Energiser can accomplish it all. Whether it is used on the farm or just around your suburban home, the Solar Fence Energiser can be effective in either environment. Sporting a basic and simple to install design, you can have it up in a matter of minutes. Our range of Fence Energisers is compact, lightweight and versatile – making it an effective low maintenance item around the property. The units are designed solely to keep pets and livestock in or out of your property. Be it a few hundred metres or 8 km, our Fence Energiser can continuously keep your fence charged. If activated by an animal making contact with the fence, the unit will only generate a brief pulse to prevent harmful electric shocks as the voltage will drop from 8KV to 1.2KV (which is still enough to make the animals back off). We now offer our Electric Fence Energisers with bonus warning signs, polywire and insulators. You can’t miss out on this great offer! Have the most handy tools for your farm. Buy now!

    Fence Energiser

    8km solar electric fence energiser 0.3J fence energiser w/ lead acid battery Excellent device to keep livestock on grounds Monocrystalline silicon solar panel provides a more efficient power conversion Protective functions – over charge protection & reverse battery protection Fully charged battery can work up to 20 sunless days Waterproof; offers continuous service Brief pulse function to prevent harmful electric shocks Connection cables included Bonus 4 x warning sign sticker Polywire

    Package Content

    1. Solar Electric Fence Energiserx1
    2. Cable Setx1
    3. Warning Signx4
    4. 500m Polywirex1
    5. Post Insulator x25

    Gate systems

    Our range of gate contacts pick up the electrical current from the electric fence and electrify the fence wire on top of the sliding gate so that the gate also becomes part of your electric fence enclosure. The 3 types of sliding gate contacts that we have available are standard, series and in line. Nemtek's gate locators, contacts, contact brackets, plates, and lock locators are available in galvanised and uv stabilised options to ensure durability.

    The 2 way inline heavy duty sliding gate contact is used for wiring live wires in series onto a sliding gate. The robust construction using stainless steel and brass, makes it suitable for outdoor use in most climates. The large location plates allow for increased tolerance and easier installation.

    Square tube bracket

    Haven brackets are made to a high standard to maximise security and ensure long life in the field. The level of security achieved is directly affected by the choice of bracket, the number of wires forming the electrical barrier and the distance between the brackets.Haven offers a large range of brackets to suit most wall types and applications. They are made from steel and are finished in a high quality outdoor powder coating, or are hot-dip galvanised for coastal conditions. Our factory can manufacture different types of designs and finishes on request

    range of electric fencing insulators are suitable for a variety of applications such as agricultural animal management through to security. Options include clip on, feed through, and larger arcing clearance to eliminate power leakage. Designed with longevity in mind, these insulators are manufactured from high quality materials, and include UV stabilisation. The Porcelain insulators can withstand high temperatures for a prolonged period of time providing a fireproof option.

    Types of security electric fences include:

    1. Piggyback
    2. A Piggyback electric fence is mounted off the back of an existing wire or mesh fence, adding another level of security to the existing perimeter barrier. The piggyback profile is fastened to existing fence posts (e.g. pillars of a palisade fence) using rivets or screws. These are the most commonly used security electric fences.
    3. Wall top
    4. Wall-top electric fences attach to the top of an existing perimeter barrier such as a masonry wall. These are the second most common type of security electric fences.
    5. Stand alone
    6. Stand-alone electric fences act as the sole perimeter barrier. This type is normally found as one of many layers of perimeter security around high security establishments, meaning that in order touch it, an intruder would have had to previously bypass at least one physical barrier.
    7. Other uses
    8. Recent innovations include electrical fence monitoring for intruder detection as opposed to providing an electric shock to discourage entry. It can be used in addition to or as substitute for a host of other fence monitoring system Buried electric fence (also called "invisible fences" or "electronic fences") are sometimes used to contain dogs or livestock. The buried wire radiates a weak radio signal, which is detected by a collar worn by the animal. The collar emits a warning noise near the wire, but if this is ignored, produces a mild shock. Humans and other animals are unaware of the buried line. In a similar system, the collar uses signals to determine proximity to a predetermined "virtual fence" without a physical installation.
    Electric fence material list
    • Fence energizer
    • Electric fence energizers vary in their source of power and their power output. They fall into two groups battery-powered or mains powered. Solar powered systems are increasingly popular and involve the use of a battery-powered unit used in conjunction with a solar panel.The energizer has got an alarm output.When the fence has a shot the siren kit alarm system connected to the energizer sounder a warning which alerts the owner. Battery powered energizers Battery powered energizers range from very compact low power units designed for strip grazing or intermittent use, up to high powered 12 volt units designed for permanent installation on long runs of fence. Battery life will generally correspond to the output power of the energizer. High output energizers will require a car type battery in order to operate for a reasonable length of time between recharging. Electric energizer price in Kenya is determined by the type of energizer and the size of the firm to be fenced.
    • Earth stakes

    • Fence wire and wire price in Kenya
    • Most electric fences use 14 or 17 gauge wire depending on how long the fence is and what animal is being contained or repelled. Keep in mind that the lower the gauge of wire, the thicker the wire will be. Galvanized steel wire is flexible and easy to use. It is coated with Zinc to make it rust resistant. Ideal as a "weaving" wire, it is shiny, versatile, and available in a variety of gauges. It can be used for fencing purposes, strengthening an already existing fence or for electric fencing purposes as it is made from high carbon steel
    • Insulators
    • End strainers
    • Protect Fencing – Insulated Plastic Ratchet End Strainers are used for tensioning the ends and corners of your fence lines. Use a Plain end strainer one end and a Ratchet Strainer on the other end to easily maintain the correct tension.
    • Fence warning signs

    • Connection bolts

    • Fence posts

    • How much does an electrified fence installation cost?
      An electric, above-ground fence will vary significantly in size and function. Both factors impact pricing. Generally, a homeowner can expect the cost of an electric fence to be between 90,000 and 20,000 for installation. This does not include the actual fencing materials or system used. Most of these fences will include a transmitter, receiver, and wires that transmit the energy. It is advised for the property owner to hire a professional rather than attempt the installation herself. Other estimates price an electric fence between 1000 to 2300 per 64 linear feet. This estimate includes the materials but not the cost of labor. Individuals will need to determine the fencing layout to calculate the actual cost. Other key factors include: Labor to plan and install the electric lines and concrete posts The cost of additional supplies including the fencing itself, poles, support systems and connectors Costs related to permits to meet city requirements Electrical panel upgrades or sourcing to meet the needs of the new system Ask your professional installer for a thorough quote to understand all the costs that go into the installation.